About us

Scarpa & Colombo are a leading firm in the production of OE valves for engines.
They have been present on the market since 1923 and have always been in a position of top-level suppliers to the principal manufacturers of motorbike engine and agricultural/industrial engines.
Scarpa & Colombo are certified according to the UNI EN SO 9001 system and in recent years have consolidated their production capacity in the high-performance motor industry obtaining the approval and recognition of the primary European manufacturers.

Our points of strenght


Over the long years of our activity, in full compliance with approved processes, we have developed the means to provide a highly customised product, designed case by case according to the specific needs of the customer.


Scarpa & Colombo offer the customer a detailed Failure Analysis service in order to study and resolve cases of damage to valves and/or the valve train. Detailed interaction between our technicians and the customer enables us to formulate proposals for solving problems. With a view to continuous improvement we provide the necessary consultancy to achieve the standards of quality required by the design (duration, mass etc.).


Through an attentive value analysis, during the design stage we provide the customer with the assistance necessary to obtain the highest performance from the valve at the lowest cost.